The audiovisual campaign aims to address the omission in country laws that do not include a right for audiovisual creators to receive equitable remuneration for the use of their works.

CISAC and creators’ council Writers & Directors Worldwide have been collaborating to correct inequitable legislation with significant progress made in 2019 with the adoption of the EU Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market. The Directive laid down the principle of appropriate and proportionate remuneration among EU Member States.

The campaign has also achieved legislative success in Chile, Colombia and Uruguay. This has included Uruguay establishing a remuneration right in its national legislation in 2019. Chile signed the “Ricardo Larrain Law” granting remuneration right in 2017. Colombia signed the “Pepe Sanchez Law” in 2017 adopting the same rights.

An academic study on the importance of remuneration right for directors and screenwriters was commissioned to Law Professor Raquel Xalabarder, film authors’ rights specialist and Universitat Oberta de Catalunya Intellectual Property Chair. The study examines the legal framework of countries that grant the right and develops arguments for implementing the right in countries that do not have it yet.

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