CIS-Net is a network of databases built upon the CIS Standards. Each database constitutes a node within the overall network.  There are three types of nodes:

  1. Local nodes, maintained by individual member societies
  2. Regional nodes, developed by regional groups of member societies (e.g. LatinNet, DIVA or Mis@Asia)
  3. WID Center, the CISAC database of musical works used by a large number of societies (see below)

The network can be accessed from a web-based search engine.

CIS-Net provides major benefits to all member societies regardless of their technical development or resources by facilitating more extensive and effective licensing for exploitation of the works they manage as well as faster and more efficient distribution of revenues. For these reasons, a commitment to participate in CIS is a condition of CISAC membership.

CIS-Net has global reach:

  • There are currently 25 nodes.
  • 112 societies contribute their musical works domestic repertoires.
  • 62 societies contribute with international (sub-published) repertoires.
  • There are 126 user societies that search the network on a daily basis as part of their internal processes.

In terms of the number of works populated in the network, the numbers are also impressive:

  • 94.4 million musical works
  • 52+ million ISWCs
  • 72.8 million international works

 All in all, more than 9.7 million unique searches were recorded in 2019.

WID (Works Information Database)

The musical Works Information Database (WID) is a database containing information on musical works for performing and mechanical rights. This database is made available to CISAC member societies in various ways. It is also a node within the CIS-Net network.