The International Documentation on Audiovisual works (IDA) index is an international centralized database facilitating the identification of audiovisual works and rights holders.

The purpose of IDA is to simplify the identification of audiovisual works on an internationally-integrated basis and improve cross-border information exchanges by a local member society. IDA supports:

  • The standardization of data
  • A unique codification of audiovisual works
  • The identification of local versions of an original work
  • The identification of right owners by country and society (IPI)

The CISAC community has 42 member societies actively working with IDA. In 2020, more than 1.9 million works were registered in the IDA database.

AV Index

The Audio-Visual Index (AV Index) contains information on audiovisual works. It allows societies to document and search information related to musical works used in audiovisual works in listings known as "cue-sheets".

The AV Index database identifies the societies managing the cue-sheets for particular audiovisual works. Today, publishers and societies have been working together to improve the functionality of the AV Index by linking translated titles to original titles.