CISAC’s highest statutory executive body, the General Assembly (GA) governs statutory bodies and is responsible for:

  • Electing or appointing the President and Vice Presidents, Board of Directors, Internal Audit Committee and External Statutory Auditors
  • Approving the Accounts, Financial and Annual Reports
  • Approving the Director General’s activities
  • Considering membership applications, sanctions and proposals to amend the Statutes
  • Recording any member society resignation
  • Passing any resolutions


The General Assembly is composed of CISAC Members, Provisional Members and Associate Members. The General Assembly is chaired by the President or, in his/her absence, by at least one of the Vice Presidents.

Decision-Making Power

The General Assembly constitutes CISAC’s highest decision-making authority.

Frequency of Meetings

The General Assembly meets once a year before the end of June. An Extraordinary General Assembly, limited to a specific objective, may be convened by the Director General upon the request of the Board.