Copyright buyouts are a priority issue for creators everywhere. Buyouts are often forced on creators by the large users whose revenues they are driving - broadcasters, videogame producers, TV operators and digital platforms. Instead of a regular earning stream, creators are offered a one-off fee with little freedom to negotiate.

The issue is becoming much more apparent in the streaming world. In today’s “golden age” of subscription on demand video, platforms are using their global strength and bargaining power to try to change the way they work with creators.  CISAC is working for its member societies to improve awareness of the legal situation around buyouts and their implications for collective management organisations.

Copyright buyouts are an important issue for creators and for collective management organisations.  Societies have a vital role to play advising their members and helping them understand their options. CISAC is also giving recommendations to Collective Management Organisations on how to address this issue at national level.

Useful resources

  • Download CISAC’s Guidelines to members on copyright buyouts. (available to members only).  These explain what buyouts are, the laws applying in different markets, the implications for creators’ negotiating position and the options available to societies to address the issue.
  • Visit Your Music Your Future, an education resource to help creators understand their options when faced with imposed buyouts