The purpose of the Interested Party Information (IPI) system is the globally unique identification of a natural person or legal entity with an interest in an artistic work across all categories of works, different roles in relation to a work (composer, arranger, publisher, etc.) and the corresponding rights in a work.  This system is an essential component of the data exchange mechanism linking the CISAC member societies.

The IP Base Number is a unique identifier allocated automatically by the IPI System to each interested party (IP).

The IPI-System contains the names of all the owners or holders of rights in both of copyright protected works and public domain works, as notified to the IPI Centre.  The collation and presentation of the information is standardized according to the Common Information System (CIS) regulations of CISAC and BIEM and supports the documentation, distribution and accounting processes of the member societies linked to the IPI system.

The IPI system and database are administered by the Swiss copyright society SUISA in accordance with the CIS guidelines and standards established by CISAC and BIEM.

Publishers are provided with the Pocket Edition of the IPI on request. It contains all the information on IP codes including the member society with which the IP subject is affiliated as well as the IP-Name-Number, the number by which each public entity is identified.