CISAC is a leader in global efforts to streamline rights data management through standard identifiers, smart metadata and cross-industry collaboration.

CIS is the acronym for the Common Information System launched by CISAC in 1994. It is: "A common information system used by all CISAC members to increase the value of rights represented". CIS benefits all member societies and repertoires, regardless of their technical development or resources by facilitating more extensive and effective licensing for exploitation of their works and more frequent, comprehensive and accurate distribution of their royalties.

CIS uses a variety of international standard identifying codes for musical works (ISWC), audiovisual works (ISAN) and rights holders (IPI, ISNI); several tools and databases (CIS-Net, IPI System, AV Index, Agreements, etc.) for information exchange and a set of Standardised Formats (CWR, AVR, UP, CRD, CAF, etc.).

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