The EIPIN Innovation Society Project is a EU-funded research project aimed at examining the role of intellectual property as a complex adaptive system in innovation. The project is managed by the EIPIN Consortium, formed by five IP research institutes Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute (University of London), IPKM (Maastricht University), Magister Lvcentinvs (Universidad de Alicante), Munich Intellectual Property Law Center (MIPLC) and Center for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI) in Strasbourg.

CISAC participates in the project as a partner organisation in the framework of its cooperation with academia to promote pro-creator policies. The role of CISAC consists in assessing young researchers, helping them with their intellectual property research and hosting them for a period of 3-6 months.

CISAC also participates in the selection of PhD researchers who will develop research in the areas of “Copyright in the digital economy” and “Collective management organisations and institutional users”. 

More information about the research project can be found on the EIPIN website.

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