Today, CISAC's membership extends to 227 authors' societies in 116 countries, spread over all geographic regions and artistic repertoires including music, audiovisual, drama, literature and visual arts. To access the full list of CISAC members, please consult our Member Directory.

Being a CISAC member offers multiple benefits to authors’ societies. It allows them to participate at CISAC committees, in global policy and legal affairs activities and in seminars and training events organised by CISAC and its partner organisations.

CISAC membership also provides access to the Common Information System (CIS) Tools, and representation in CISAC’s creators councils. It allows involvement in CISAC’s governance through nomination and election to the CISAC Board of Directors, as well as participation and voting at the annual CISAC General Assembly. It also gives opportunities to obtain financial support, legal advice and technical assistance if needed.

Admission as a CISAC member is a hallmark of trust and confidence for a society. By joining CISAC, a society signals to its counterparts across the world that it is committed to meeting the governance standards and rules voluntarily adopted by the CISAC community.