One of the outcomes of the inaugural Women@CISAC world congress was the proposal of a new set of internal guidelines for gender diversity. These aim to ensure that CISAC and its member societies adopt and share the best possible practice to support the equal treatment of women creators and employees.

The guidelines are being continually reviewed and today comprise three areas.

Women@CISAC Awareness
Awareness: Increase the visibility of this initiative and of the role women authors and employees play in each CMO and within CISAC globally.
Women@CISAC Representation
Representation: Ensure that all meetings, expert panels and committees include a representative number of women. Add gender equality to all CISAC committee agendas and incorporate data on inclusion into the CISAC reporting system.
Women@CISAC Education
Networking and Education: Monitor and exchange good practice with partner organisations such as the UN, WIPO, UNESCO and civil society sectors. Create an online web resource to share news and gender research resources.

Women@CISAC is currently developing an equality code of conduct for members and has produced a set of recommendations to steer its work going forward. These include:

  • Assembling an executive committee and board with clear objectives
  • Highlighting champions within the CISAC community
  • Investigating opportunities for regional hubs and mentorship programs
  • Holding regular Women@CISAC meetings separate from other CISAC events
  • Bringing everyone (in particular men and also gender minorities) into the equality discussion