CISAC has four technical committees that provide expert, specialised guidance on the administration of royalties for creators.

Information Services Committee (ISC)

The ISC monitors common IT-based systems and tools including the CIS-Net programme definition, planning, deployment and business implementation. The ISC’s activities are linked to the Business Technical Committee (BTC).

The ISC aims to achieve the following goals:

  • Manage the forward planning of CIS
  • Monitor current activity with the systems and tools
  • Manage daily operations and activity
  • Define and supervise developments 
  • Coordinate and monitor projects relating to IT systems and tools to ensure efficiency
  • Organise a plenary forum every other year, only at the same time as the BTC meeting.

Business Technical Committee (BTC)

The BTC is a committee responsible for creating, implementing and troubleshooting all standards and procedures related to documentation and revenue distribution across all fields of creativity.

The BTC increases coordination with the Information Services Committee (ISC) and strengthens the link between the different repertoires represented by CISAC societies.

Media Technical Committee (MTC)

The MTC is a committee responsible for addressing issues related to both online and offline licensing, including mechanical and performance rights. The MTC aims at dealing effectively with all licensing topics through cooperation with the DLV and AGP committees, and ensuring the representation of under-represented repertoires.

The MTC also enables collateral projects related to documentation and distribution issues, such as multi-territorial licences. Additionally, the MTC provides training documentation to the entire CISAC membership.

Dramatic, Literary and Audiovisual Technical Committee (CTDLV)

The main task of the DLV is to facilitate sharing information on all matters relating to rights administration in DLV works and to develop common tools (for documentation, licensing and distribution, for example). It encourages and organizes cooperation and collaboration between CISAC members on all matters related to the promotion and administration of rights.

The DLV reform established a connection with the Business Technical Committee (BTC) and the Media Technical Committee (MTC). For instance, representatives of the DLV and AGP repertoires are now able to take part in the BTC and MTC subcommittees.