Asia-Pacific Music Creators Alliance present Declaration on Creators Rights

20170512 Seoul Declaration DSC07266

On 12 May, the Asia-Pacific Music Creators Alliance presented the Declaration on Creators Rights during the 2017 Creators Seminar. The seminar was organised by CISAC and KOMCA. The declaration was a strong show of protection and promotion of creators rights throughout the region. The full text is as follows:

While it is the best time for audiences to enjoy music on many innovative platforms, in order to ensure the sustainability of music creation, it is imperative that some important issues be addressed.

  1. While it is encouraging to see that the demand for music is booming in the digital age, the efforts of music creators are not recognised accordingly, reflected by the fact that they are not remunerated fairly.  Technology is developing by the minute. There has been revolutionary transformation in the way that music is being consumed.  However, the copyright protection regime for creators does has not caught up with these changes.
  2. The problem of copyright “buyout” is a particularly serious problem in Asia Pacific.  Many music creators, reluctantly, assign the copyright in the musical works they have created in exchange for a lump sum.  This unfair phenomenon should be prevented.  Stop the unreasonable exploitation of music creators! Their efforts should be fairly remunerated.
  3. Many countries in Asia-Pacific still provide only 50 years plus life protection for music creators.  The protection term should be extended to at least 70 years plus life so that it can meet the international standard. 

We call on governments, policy makers and lawmakers to improve the current copyright protection legislative regime, such as fixing copyright “buyout” problem, extending copyright protection term to at least 70 years, and avoiding abuse of  “safe harbour” regime.

20170512 Creators Seminar DSC07201