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In October 2013, the creators' council dedicated to dramatic, literary and audiovisual creators (formerly known as CIADLV) adopted a new name, Writers & Directors Worldwide. This new name reflects the council's objective to promote fair remuneration for all writers and directors across the globe.

Writers & Directors Worldwide has been very active in Latin America, following the enactment of a new law in Argentina that recognised the moral and economic rights of directors. Together with CISAC’s Regional Office for Latin American and the Caribbean, Writers & Directors Worldwide and the newly created ADAL (Latin American Audiovisual Directors Alliance) contributed to the development of a regional action plan that promotes audiovisual rights in the region.

As a first accomplishment, DASC, a new audiovisual society, was established in Colombia. Writers & Directors Worldwide will continue to help strengthen rights in audiovisual works in all countries across the region, beginning with Panama, Chile and Peru. Writers & Directors Worldwide is also calling for a new audiovisual society in India, where screenwriters were recently accorded the status of rights holders in a positive development of the law.  It is also lobbying for the creation of a regional alliance in Africa.

The president of Writers & Directors Worldwide is Argentinean film director and screenwriter, Horacio Maldonado.

The Mexico Manifesto

The first meeting of Writers & Directors Worldwide was highly-successful and took place in October 2014 in Mexico City at the invitation of the Mexican authors’ societies DIRECTORES and SOGEM. Authors from Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia Pacific marked their commitment and determination to unite globally to further drive the recognition of their rights.

At this event, the organisation launched a call to action in a globally circulated document titled “The Mexico Manifesto” that details the cultural and economic contribution that audiovisual creators make.

Download the Mexico Manifesto, available in three languages:


English (188.12 KB)


French (88.54 KB)


Spanish (148.53 KB)