SSA press release: 2022 at SSA


The year 2022 shows very positive results, exceeding our expectations:

  • Revenues amounted to CHF 28,983,816 (+39.07% compared to 2021). Faster than expected, performing rights returned to pre-pandemic levels (CHF 5,046,230.00). As risks associated with the litigation over the provision of storage capacity have plummeted, SSA was in a position to recognise two years’ revenue in the FY 2022 accounts.
  • Due to uncertainties in the post-pandemic period, SSA pursued a cautious budgeting strategy. The interaction of two phenomena, i.e. high revenues, still restricted expenditure, results in a very low average commission rate: 10.41% (-1.55 points).
  • SSA pays its members and sister societies on a monthly basis. The total amount of remuneration paid out increased sharply (+27.99%), due to the regained financial health of stage arts and a return to stability in broadcasting rights.
  • The planned additional payment for the RTS/RSI 2021 broadcasting rights has now been made. For SRF, the classification table of the provisional television tariff was refined.
  • Common Tariff 14, regarding the new remuneration obligation for video-on-demand, has entered its implementation phase. SSA received and analysed some initial catalogue reports, the results of which will determine the perception rate on platform revenues in 2023.
  • In the 2022 financial year, CHF 1,574,497 were paid into the cultural funds, while CHF 994,210 were allocated to the social funds.
  • 120 authors received a subsidy from the cultural fund.
  • SSA continued to work alongside cultural associations to improve professional conditions. It supported the campaign for the new film law in the referendum, where the legitimate interests of the Swiss audiovisual industry prevailed.
  • In the European Union, collective management organisations continued their efforts to implement the new copyright directives at national levels.

Note: The annual accounts must be approved by the general meeting taking place on June 12th. 

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