Rafael Manjarrez is the new President of SAYCO

Rafael Manjarrez_copr Sayco
*Oriundo de la Jagua del Pilar en La Guajira, el maestro Rafael Manjarrez Mendoza es uno de los mayores cultores de la música vallenata.

The Colombian Society of Authors and Composers -SAYCO- has elected composer and lawyer Rafael Manjarrez Mendoza as the new President of the entity, a decision made unanimously during the year’s first meeting of the Board of Directors held at the Valledupar Regional headquarters.

His commitment and work towards advocating for copyright and the well-being of his fellow authors and composers make him worthy of this election. It should be remembered that Manjarrez as a member of the Board of Directors held the position of vice president of the society. His dedication is also reflected internationally as he is an executive member of the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers, CISAC, an organisation dedicated towards protecting and promoting the interests and rights of creators worldwide.

"Rafa" as he is affectionately called, has earned the affection not only of the inhabitants of his region but of all Colombians for being a champion in the protection of copyright. Today he assumes this designation with great responsibility and gratitude, just as he affirmed during the Board’s meeting.

“It is an honor for me that the Board of Directors has chosen me for this position that I assume with all responsibility and great commitment; to always work to protect the rights of authors and composers of our country and the world”, said Rafael Manjarrez.

He added that “this is the moment to recognize all the momentum that Rita Fernández has given to the Society in the Presidency; I fully trust in continuing with that legacy to continue promoting our culture, Colombian folklore and the contribution that our authors and composers make every day”.

During the Board’s meeting, Gyentino Hiparco Peña was also elected as vice president. Gyentino Hiparco Peña is a pioneer singer-songwriter from Tolima, of the so-called “Nueva Ola” who with hits such as: Alguien cantó una canción, en la voz de Billy Pontoni y “Por amarte tanto”, among many others, contributed to mark an entire era and a generation. Within his important activity in the society, he has stood out for defending and preserving the respect for the copyrights of his colleagues; a commitment that currently places him as a member of the honorable board of directors, the same one that honored him with this new distinction yesterday.

Profile of Rafael Manjarrez

Originally from Jagua del Pilar in La Guajira, Rafael Manjarrez Mendoza is one of the greatest representatives of Vallenato music.

His compositions have been recorded by almost all Vallenato groups such as Binomio de Oro, Jorge Oñate, Los Betos, Diomedes Díaz, Los Hermanos Zuleta, Iván Villazón and Otto Serge, among many others.

Among his most popular songs we highlight Benditos versos, Velitas prendidas, Mi dije de amor, the romantic classic 'Señora' and his greatest work 'Ausencia sentimental', winner in the Unpublished Song category at the Vallenato Festival in 1986 and which, later, was elevated to the honor of being declared the official anthem of the Festival.

In his legal profession, he also works as First Notary of the city of Santa Marta.

The new president of SAYCO, Rafael Manjarrez, committed to increasing the revenues of the society's members as well as the  collection of royalties, representing  the main objective entrusted to the board of directors.

Visit Sayco's website to learn more about the CISAC member.