Your Music Your Future launched in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish

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Paris – 9th June 2021 – Your Music Your Future International, the global education campaign on copyright buyouts, is today being made available in four new languages, supported by CISAC’s member societies in France, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, Brazil and Finland.

The new sites, in French, Spanish, Portuguese and Finnish, will take the campaign to more countries and help more composers understand their options when faced with the growing practice of copyright buyouts.

The sites explain composers’ options when choosing royalties vs buyouts, the typical use of buyout clauses in contracts and the different laws governing buyouts internationally.  It provides case studies and testimonies from creators in different countries.

The global education initiative was launched in February and is an offshoot of the composer-led Your Music Your Future movement founded in the US in 2019.   The campaign is strictly educational, taking no sides in the debate, and has built a community of more than 15,000 members. 

The resource is being rolled out internationally in partnership with CISAC, the global confederation of authors societies with 231 members in over 120 countries and territories.