CISAC member societies take “Creators for Ukraine” donations to EUR1.2 million

CreatorsforUkraine logo

The CISAC community’s “Creators for Ukraine” fund has raised around EUR 1.2 million for creators and refugees who are victims of the war in Ukraine.

The fund, set up by CISAC in partnership with its member societies, has attracted many substantial donations from members. A large proportion of the total has already been distributed to individual creators in Ukraine, to humanitarian organisations and to specific projects aiding Ukrainian refugees in neighbouring countries.

Results of contributions so far:

Creators for Ukraine is an international initiative launched with support from the CISAC Board and in partnership with ZAIKS, the Polish music society, and other CMOs. It comprises of the fund, “Songs for Ukraine”: a project to promote Ukrainian content; and an open letter of solidarity from international authors.

Songs for Ukraine

Songs for Ukraine was launched internationally on 29 March. The project was conceived and created by Hungarian music society ARTISJUS in co-operation with NGO UACRR and rolled out internationally by CISAC. It aims to promote the works of Ukrainian creators over digital platforms, broadcasting, and other services, with the overall goal being to increase royalty flow to Ukraine’s creative community via the CMOs reciprocal agreements network. It has been already supported and promoted locally by many CISAC members.

The initiative has attracted positive media attention worldwide including Hollywood Reporter; Billboard and widely on social media. 

Open letter: 3,500 creators’ signatures, more needed

CISAC is promoting an Open Letter from creators, to show solidarity with our friends and colleagues in Ukraine. This has attracted around 3500 signatures so far. Societies communications teams have been asked to share and distribute it among their memberships in order to increase support. The letter is available in English, French and Spanish. It will shortly be publicised to build further momentum.

Further information:  more details of Creators for Ukraine are available at the site built by ZAIKS and CISAC, and at the CISAC website