CISAC highlights collective management’s history of adaptability at 2019 ALAI Congress

CISAC Director General Gadi Oron delivers the keynote at the 2019 ALAI Congress in Prague. 

Member societies from across the CISAC network have joined the Confederation at the 2019 ALAI annual congress, one of the most influential legal conferences with a 2019 programme dedicated to the topic of collective management. 

The event, taking in place in Prague, brought together copyright experts from around the world from academia, government and the private sector. CISAC has been the main partner to this year’s conference, with many of its member societies participating.

Speakers and panelists joined from societies in several countries:  JASRAC in Japan (and representing CISAC’s Asia-Pacific Regional Committee), ADAGPSACD, and SACEM in France, GEMA in Germany, and SOCAN in Canada and AMRA in the United States.

Delivering the keynote speech on “Collective management of rights in a transforming market”, CISAC Director General Gadi Oron outlined the transformation of the collective management system in response to evolving technology. He brought insights from a historical perspective, showing that the collective management system has always succeeded by adapting to a changing landscape. The digital era has made the core principles of collective management more important and relevant than ever before.

The full keynote can be read here.

Panels at the congress included discussion on competition and collective management of copyright; setting and litigating tariffs; the EU Directive on Collective Management of Copyright; collective management of non-music repertoire; technology-driven copyright management; managing copyright in cyberspace and across borders; and mandatory and extended collective management.

The link to the full programme of the ALAI Copyright Congress is here.