CISAC calls for Mexico to approve private copying at Culture and Cinematography Commission colloquium


The Culture and Cinematography Commission of Mexican Parliament held a private copying colloquium on May 5th, 2020. Organised by Commission President Deputy Sergio Mayer Breton, and authors’ rights subcommission Deputy Santiago Gonzalez Soto, the colloquium included participation from CISAC Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean Rafael Fariñas, National Copyright Office Head Hugo Contreras Lamadrid and WIPO Consultant Jose Luis Caballero. 

During the online colloquium, Rafael Fariñas called for Parliament to approve the pending copyright reform bill. Mexico has seen an exceptional increase in digital service providers, which has led to a need for proper mechanisms to manage private copying remuneration for authors and rightsholders. Citing the CISAC Private Copying Global Study, he shared the experiences of the Dominican Republic, Paraguay and Peru. The Dominican Republic is in the process of receiving approval from the President. 

CISAC member SACM, along with other collective management organisations, has been instrumental in pursuing private copying reforms in Mexico.