CISAC and Pingyao International Film Festival honours European filmmakers with copyright protection award

20191016 PYIFF UPC4425
CISAC Vice President Jia Zhang-ke and CISAC Regional Director Benjamin Ng deliver the 2019 Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Protection of Audiovisual Copyright to filmmaker Julie Bertuccelli.

The third Pingyao Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon International Film Festival (PYIFF) took place from October 10th to 19th. The film festival places a significant emphasis on the role of audiovisual protections and copyright in audiovisual works at its centre. 

PYIFF was initiated by CISAC Vice President and renowned film director Jia Zhang-ke with artistic director Marco Müller as a platform for exceptional filmmakers and to support young directors. Zhang-ke is a Patron of the Audiovisual Campaign of Writers & Directors Worldwide

On October 16th, the 2019 Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Protection of Audiovisual Copyright was presented by CISAC Vice President, Jia Zhang-ke. 

Filmmaker, SAA Patron and former SCAM President Julie Bertuccelli received the award in recognition of her efforts as the key vocal figure of audiovisual creators in the campaign for the adoption of the EU Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market. The Directive establishes an unwaivable right to remuneration for authors for the on-demand exploitation of works. 

Receiving the award, Bertuccelli said: “This prize also celebrates the commitment of filmmakers all around the world.  As film creators, we need to earn a living to continue making films, and this is only possible when the law recognizes our rights as creators. These royalties we receive each time our films are shown, allow us to develop new projects and continue our careers.”