CISAC has five regional committees, each in charge of representing the specific issues within their geographical area. The five regional committees comprise:

  • Regional African Committee (CAF)
  • Regional Asia-Pacific Committee (CAP)
  • Regional Canada/USA Committee (CCU)
  • Regional European Committee (EC)
  • Regional Latin American and Caribbean Committee (CLC)

Each regional committee forms a statutory advisory body to promote the interests of the creative community and its intellectual property in their specific region.

Among their priorities, regional committees are responsible for:

  • Coordinating CISAC activities in the region through promoting the enactment of legislation
  • Assisting in the establishment of necessary administrative infrastructures for the creation and effective operation of societies in those countries within the territory where no collective management organisations exist
  • Providing encouragement and assistance for developing and strengthening member societies in those countries where such collective management organisations exist but are not fully-effective
  • Nurturing constructive relations and cooperation between societies
  • Addressing and studying issues and problems directly linked to the moral, material and professional interests of creators and member societies within the territory
  • Fulfilling all other functions that contribute to the development of member societies
  • Determining its own working rules.