CISAC’s Secretariat-its administration-is located at itsheadquarters in Paris, France. CISAC has four regional offices in AfricaLatin America and the Caribbean (Chile)Asia-Pacific (China) and Europe (Hungary).

Secretariat team biographies are available in the Media section.

Director General

Appointed by the Board of Directors, the Director General is CISAC's leading executive. In charge of implementing the decisions reached by the General Assembly and the Board, and responsible for the organisation's budget, the Director General supervises the work of the Secrétariat and four regional offices.  The Director General is CISAC's main spokesperson.

Since September 2014, the Director General of CISAC is Gadi Oron.

Led by the Director General, the secretariat is tasked with day-to-day administration, including:

Policy & Legal Affairs

Leveraging its role as the global voice of creators, CISAC is a key player in current copyright debates at international, regional and local levels.  Its research provides policy-makers with empirical evidence on the value of authors’ rights and collective management. In addition, CISAC monitors international and national legislation on authors' rights/ copyright around the world to promote the moral, economic and legal interests of creators.


CISAC helps its members achieve the highest professional standards through its Professional Rules and Binding Resolutions (Code of Conduct).

Technical Infrastructure (CIS-Net)

CISAC is leading a global initiative to streamline rights management through the use of standard identifiers, smart metadata and cross-industry collaboration.

Creators Relations

CISAC represents all creators. We work closely with authors from all artistic repertoires to bring their voice to the fore of authors' rights/copyright discussions.


CISAC’s communications focuses on three objectives:

  1. Reinforce the voice of creators worldwide
  2. Establish CISAC as the central authority for information on authors' rights/copyright
  3. Increase the visibility of CISAC internationally