SSA press release: 2018 at SSA


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2018 shows a positive development.

  • Total rights management collections reached an amount of CHF 23,310,785  (+1.9% compared to 2017). Revenues from private copying via set‑top‑boxes with memory cards and virtual private recording facilities influenced this result favourably at the end of the year.
  • Collections from theatrical performances have exceeded CHF 5m for the second time in the history of SSA.
  • Because of the collection freeze of joint tariff 12, SSA decided rather early on to delay several projects. As a result there has been a considerable reduction in expenses (-3.52%) which must, however, be considered to be temporary.
  • This gives rise to a historically very low average commission rate of 12.04% (-0.77 points).
  • SSA pays its members and sister societies on a monthly basis. Distribution levels have risen slightly (+0.25%).
  • The copyright law review is going in the right direction. It passed the National Council stage in December 2018. SSA supports the Federal Council draft and welcomes the introduction of an inalienable right for ‘on demand usages’ for authors. SSA continues to fight various attempts to create unjustified advantages for specific economic sectors.
  • Thanks to the excellent financial year-end results for 2018, an amount of CHF 1.321m was allocated to the cultural fund and CHF 593,564.00 to the social funds.
  • CHF 1,039,213.65 have been spent on cultural purposes in 2018. Of the 399 authors who participated in competitions and programmes, 150 received a subsidy.
  • SSA pursued the digitisation of its services and moved to electronic invoicing.
  • In the European Union, the internet giants battled hard against a draft directive which aims at a fair and equitable remuneration for artists.
  • SSA has been politically active more than ever. It fought the ‘No Billag’ initiative, which intended to ban any public funding of audiovisual media via a referendum. It supported the new laws on gambling, thus securing substantial resources for cultural creation, and took a stand against the draft legislation on electronic media whose lack of vision it deplores.

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