Maison Ousmane Sow press release: Public opening of Maison Ousmane Sow in Dakar

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Read the Maison Ousmane Sow press release (in French) here.

Maison Ousmane Sow, celebrated at its inauguration during the Dakar Biennale 2018, will open its doors to the public on 1st December, marking the second anniversary of the death of the artist who lived in this house that he designed as a sculpture, a work in itself. 

Some 30 works, primarily from his African series (Nuba, Masaï, Zulu and Peul) and his Merci series (paying tribute to the great men who marked his life), have been installed in the rooms of this multi-coloured house and seem to draw their strength from the handmade tile floor of the same material as his sculptures.

The emotion was tangible as visitors flooded into the home during the Dakar Biennale, discovering how well the works suited the residence, which could well join the ranks of legendary homes around the world.

Visitors can stroll freely through a maze of rooms edged with verandas, discovering the artist’s works, personal memories and the workshop left as it was when he died.