KOMCA Chair dedicates song “For Our Peace” to Ukraine


KOMCA Chair Ga-yeol Chu has dedicated a song “For Our Peace” to Ukrainians who are fighting against the assault on freedom and human rights by Russia. It is an appeal to avert humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine.

In “For Our Peace”, Ga-yeol Chu conveys the emotions of packing belongings and “last goodbyes” that the courageous people of Ukraine are experiencing. It is a powerful plea for peace and to be saved by the international community.

If you can hear us, save us somehow. Flowers whittle as the scars get deeper. Their tears won’t go away.”

The song was composed by Ga-yeol Chu. The author is KOMCA member Kang Wonsuk. It is performed by artist Mona, using a bandura Ukrainian folk instrument.

The song is available to listen to here. It’s official release is March 21st, 2022.