Koda signs agreement for new technological platform

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Koda has signed an agreement with the Irish software company Spanish Point Technologies, which will be responsible for future-proofing Koda’s business-critical IT systems. These systems are used for processing music reports and distributing rights payments to composers, songwriters, and music publishers.

The aim is to make the systems more efficient and adaptable to the present and future needs of composers, songwriters, and music publishers.

In the years leading up to this agreement, Koda thoroughly analysed its needs and options, including through a joint collaboration with the collective rights management societies Teosto (Finland) IMRO (Ireland) and Tono (Norway). The agreement is an important step to ensure that Koda’s systems closely align with its business strategy. The agreement with Spanish Point Technologies is therefore only one of several projects Koda is implementing to support an efficient IT infrastructure.

“I’m really looking forward to having our business-critical IT systems future-proofed. We expect this agreement to enable us to both meet our members’ present needs and better equip us to deliver on what is expected in future of a modern, dynamic collective rights management society,” states Gorm Arildsen, Koda’s CEO.

High expectations for the collaboration

Already up and running, the collaboration is expected to conclude in 2024. At present, the agreement covers Koda’s distribution and reporting functions, but the new system also opens the possibility of developing new functions for both customers and right holders in future.

Spanish Points Technologies’ modern cloud-based solution ‘Matching Engine’ thus includes a wealth of automation functions. The solution also offers options for improving data accuracy and reducing costs, and, with more than a decade’s experience, Spanish Point Technologies is a recognised provider within the rights industry.

“Koda has signed an agreement with a professional partner, and with Spanish Point Technologies we will be part of an exciting partnership. Together, we can optimise and improve the processes that the system supports, and I’m looking forward to this collaboration, of which I have high expectations,” says Maria Juul Jensen, Koda’s CIO.

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About Spanish Point Technologies

Spanish Point Technologies is an Irish software company that has worked with collective rights management organisations like Koda since 2007. Spanish Point Technologies was awarded ‘Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner of the Year 2022’ at the Microsoft Inspire Partner Awards for its innovative Matching Engine app.

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