DAMA launches the Programa Proyecta, a new training and promotion support initiative


DAMA, the audiovisual copyright management organisation, announced the launch of the Programa Proyecta, aimed to financially support the training of its members and the promotion of their works both nationally and internationally. The Programa Proyecta has a total budget of €200,000 and is open to all creators registered with this audiovisual authors’ rights management organization.

“One of DAMA’s commitments is that our creators can develop their talent in the best conditions and support them in their search for new opportunities,” said Borja Cobeaga, president of DAMA. “The Programa Proyecta is part of the framework of action. We know that good training encourages the emergence of new creative avenues, and that the correct promotion of said works is now essential to achieve professional stability and continuity”.

The Programa Proyecta is structured around two lines of aids; grants for training and aids for national and international promotions. Each of these mentioned has been endowed with €100,000.

Thanks to the grants, DAMA’s members will be able to apply for complementary financial aid to attend official audiovisual training programs (masters, postgraduate, doctorates, etc.) as well as non-official ones (courses, workshops or seminars), both in national and international centers. The maximum annual contribution for each applicant will have a limit of €4,000 and will be determined in accordance with previously established scales.

Promotion grants are designed to finance part of the costs of DAMA authors’ attendance at audiovisual sector events such as festivals, meetings or markets, that are relevant to the promotion of their works and projects. These grants will mainly cover registration, travel and accommodation expenses, will be awarded according to objective criteria, and will not exceed 2,000 euros per year per member.

With this initiative, DAMA reinforces its commitment to creative talent in the audiovisual sector and the well-being of creators.

For more detailed information on the proyecta program, please visit the DAMA website.