CISAC member audiovisual society ATN and Netflix sign historic agreement ensuring fair compensation for audiovisual creators

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The Chilean Society of Audiovisual Directors and Screenwriters (ATN) has signed a landmark contract with Netflix, the world’s leading streaming platform.  The deal is a major step forward in protecting the rights of audiovisual creators in Chile, reflecting ATN’s unwavering dedication to defending and promoting audiovisual rights.

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“After extensive negotiations prioritising dialogue as the route to mutually beneficial agreements, we have secured an important contract with Netflix. This ensures that audiovisual directors and screenwriters will receive fair and equitable remuneration for the exhibition of their works on the platform,” says César Cuadra, General Director of ATN.

The Netflix agreement helps cement Chile’s status as a world-leader in protecting audiovisual creators. Since its founding in 2014, ATN  worked alongside collective management organisations internationally to secure legislation guaranteeing equitable remuneration for audiovisual creators in Chile. These efforts culminated in the unanimous approval of the Ricardo Larraín Law (N°20,959) by the Senate in August 2016.

The Ricardo Larraín Law, adopted by the Senate in 2016,  established the inalienable and non-transferable right of authors to receive payment for the transmission or broadcast of their audiovisual works. This law came into being after decades of campaigning by ATN. The agreement with Netflix represents another significant step towards the implementation of this crucial law, ensuring that audiovisual creators, both domestic and international, receive fair compensation for the use of their works in Chile. 

Additionally, ATN has recently signed a reciprocal representation agreement with the Turkish entities group (EGAAT), enhancing its global representation and expanding its network of contracts to over 50 entities across five continents.

Daniella Castagno

Daniella Castagno, the acclaimed screenwriter and President of ATN, commented: “The contracts with Netflix and the Turkish entities, with Turkey currently being the third-largest exporter of scripted series worldwide, constitute significant achievements for ATN. They reflect our ongoing commitment to audiovisual creators and allow us to continue strengthening our management.”