CISAC Annual Report highlights its work programme on behalf of CMOs worldwide


Paris, France – 22 May 2024 – CISAC today publishes its 2024 Annual Report, giving a comprehensive overview of its work programme on behalf of collective management organisations and the millions of creators they represent worldwide.

CISAC sits at the hub of the world’s largest and most diverse creative network, with 225 member societies in 116 countries. The Annual Report highlights CISAC’s key priorities, led by its legislative advocacy for creators’ rights at a pivotal moment in the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Alongside forewords from CISAC President Björn Ulvaeus (here) and Board Chair Marcelo Castello Branco (here), a Q&A with DG Gadi Oron gives a snapshot summary of CISAC’s achievements in the last 12 months.


Highlights of the Annual Report include:

  • The successful takeover by CISAC of the CIS-Net tools that underpin inter-society data exchanges. CISAC now has control over the running of the systems, enabling it to be adapted to meet societies’ changing business needs.
  • Continuing to increase adoption of the ISWC. Already provided to CMOs and publishers, new services are now being delivered to DSPs and data service providers, with allocation via labels also being developed.
  • Setting the legal framework for creators in the AI environment. CISAC’s actions on AI have evolved rapidly, from advocacy to heads of state and ministers to legislative submissions in several jurisdictions.
  • Working for growth and strong copyright frameworks at national level. The Report highlights CISAC engagement with China on copyright and market growth. It also shows examples of successful campaigns from territories including South Africa, Bulgaria, Chile, Georgia, Korea, New Zealand and others.
  • Relations with international agencies. With its global footprint, CISAC has a unique engagement with centres of international influence such as WIPO, UNESCO and regional agencies. The Report highlights several key interventions by its President and Vice-Presidents to promote and safeguard creators’ rights
  • International campaigns. The Report also outlines CISAC’s continued lobbying across all repertoires it represents. It shows progress on the implementation of the Resale Right for visual artists and on the campaign for an unwaivable right of remuneration for audiovisual creators.

The CISAC 2023 Annual Report is launched for the CISAC General Assembly scheduled to take place on 30 May 2024 in Seoul. The Report is available to download in English, French and Spanish.