UACRR vice president Taras Topolya interviewed by ABC Australia on fighting for Ukraine and creators

UACRR ABC Australia

Taras Topolya, songwriter and Vice President of the Ukraine music society UACRR, was interviewed by ABC Australia on the front lines about being one of the “young men and women who have picked up a gun to defend their homeland.”  He made a special mention of the initiative which has been launched by the CISAC global community and Polish society ZAIKS to support creators and refugees in Ukraine.

Prior to becoming a soldier, Taras was a performer, musician, and father of three children. He still is a musician “first of all”, as he states in the interview, and is calling on the world to help creators. A playlist of music from Ukrainian creators has been made called Songs for Ukraine to help support. He explained, which is a helpful resource for creators like Taras and others disrupted by the war.

The ABC Australia interview with Taras Topolya can be viewed below.