Jia Zhang-ke and Pingyao International Film Festival spotlight SACD and audiovisual copyright protections

2018 10 PYIFF IMG_9068
Renowned film director and CISAC Vice President Jia Zhang-ke speaks during a panel to raise awareness in China about the importance of copyright protection. 

The second annual PingYao Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon International Film Festival (PYIFF) took place from October 11th to 20th. Initiated by renowned film director and CISAC Vice President Jia Zhang-ke along with artistic director Marco Müller, PYIFF is a platform for exceptional filmmakers as well as to support the growth of young directors. It places importance on the role of audiovisual protections and copyright in the career development of filmmakers and directors. This mirrors Jia Zhang-ke’s role as Patron of the Audiovisual Campaign of Writers & Directors Worldwide and has been the first time a film festival put copyright forward this way.

2018 10 PYIFF DSC_0493
CISAC Vice President Jia Zhang-ke addresses young directors during the forum portion of the Pingyao International Film Festival.

2018 10 PYIFF DSC_0533
A seminar drew approximately 100 young filmmakers, directors and law students to learn about copyright protection for audiovisual works.

This year, CISAC participated in and sponsored a seminar on “Copyright Protection of Audio-visual Creators: Present and Future” on October 17th. Introduced by Zhang-ke, the seminar was moderated by CISAC Regional Director for Asia-Pacific Benjamin Ng. It included CISAC Repertoires & Creator Relations Director Silvina Munich as well as the former National Copyright Administration of China Legislative Affairs Department Director General Wang Ziquiang and East China University of Political Sciences and Law Professor Wang Qian. Approximately 100 law students, filmmakers and producers heard from Jia Zhang-ke, who noted that the purpose of the seminars and forum were to build awareness about copyright protection, particularly among domestic young directors. Protections in Europe were detailed, particularly about guaranteed protections for receiving remuneration for the use of works as well as recent developments with the Copyright Directive. 

Afterwards, a “Pingyao Night” ceremony gave the 2018 Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Protection of Audiovisual Copyright with participation from CISAC. The televised ceremony, attended by international directors and celebrities, awarded SACD for their constant advocacy for the rights of all audiovisual creators. SACD Director General Pascal Rogard delivered a video address in accepting the award, which was received by Silvina Munich on behalf of SACD.

2018 10 PYIFF IMG_9052
The 2018 Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Protection of Audiovisual Copyright was awarded to SACD, the French audiovisual society founded in 1777.

2018 10 PYIFF IMG_9073
SACD Director General Patrick Rogard delivers the acceptance speech for the society receiving the 2018 Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Protection of Audiovisual Copyright.