JASRAC/APMA Copyright Symposium on “Buyouts in Asia”

Headshots: Shuinichi Tokura, Björn Ulvaeus, Alice lee, Gadi oron

The Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC) and the Asia-Pacific Music Creators Alliance (APMA) announce the online symposium on copyright buyouts in Asia.

Thursday 25th March 2021

1830-2030 Japan time

1030-1230 Paris time

A “copyright buyout” is a business practice whereby a film producer, broadcaster, record label, video game producer or other who commissions the creation of a musical work for a project, buys the copyrights of the work from the creator in exchange for a lump sum fee. As video-on-demand and online gaming markets have grown, the practice of buyouts seems to be spreading.

APMA has led discussions on the buyout issue among music creators in the region, and expressed its concerns about the unfair exploitation of creators’ rights. JASRAC has organized symposiums featuring the key issues on music copyrights almost annually. This year, JASRAC and APMA are co-organizing an international symposium online to discuss this “old and new” issue, to share knowledge and opinions on the current state and challenges associated with the issue of copyright buyouts.

Part I   Creators’ Dialogue

Björn Ulvaeus, Swedish songwriter, musician, singer, guitarist, producer, member of ABBA and President of CISAC

Shunichi Tokura, composer, arranger, producer and Chairman of APMA

Part II  Buyout in Asia -  Presentation

Alice Lee, LLB (HKU) and BCL (Oxford), Associate Professor of Law at the University of Hong Kong, specializing in Intellectual Property Law and intellectual property (“IP”) education

Part III  Panel Discussion

Gadi Oron, Director General of CISAC and lawyer in entertainment and intellectual property

Alice Lee

Shunichi Tokura

Satoshi Watanabe, Senior Administrator for JASRAC and Chairman of CISAC Asia-Pacific Committee

Access Information

YouTube JASRAC Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT99_6fwN7UgvzTAVhHjlTQ (English and Japanese translation available)