Colombian audiovisual societies conclude agreement with major television network Canal 1


Colombian audiovisual societies and CISAC members REDES and DASC, signed an agreement with the country’s major national television network, Canal 1 to ensure the first payments of AV creators under the country’s new fair remuneration law.

The agreement signed on June 22 follows the Pepe Sanchez law adopted in 2017 and guarantees that Colombian audiovisual creators enjoy a fair unwaivable right of remuneration for the public use of their works by the channel.

The agreement is an important step forward in the campaign for fair remuneration of screenwriters and directors. It will also help Colombian audiovisual creators recover from the catastrophic impact of the COVID-19 crisis .

Canal 1 is Colombia’s third largest TV broadcaster, after Caracol Televisión and Canal RCN which have already signed agreements with the two societies.

According to CISAC’s 2020 Global Collections Report, audiovisual collections in Latin America and the Caribbean accounted for 6.1% (EUR37M) of global audiovisual collections in 2019. Agreements concluded with Caracol Televisión and Canal RCN in 2019, added more than EUR630k to collections.

CISAC member societies DASC and REDES continue to work tirelessly for the creators they represent, illustrating the commitment of CMOs towards protecting and strengthening the rights of creators despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.