CISAC talks stronger creators’ rights with Japan’s Culture Commissioner and leading Asian societies

Group Photo Comissioner Tokura Visit

On 8 July, CISAC DG Gadi Oron met in Tokyo with Tokura Shunichi, Japan’s Commissioner for Cultural Affairs, to discuss priorities for creators’ remuneration in the music, audiovisual and visual arts sectors.

Also participating were Izawa Kazumasa and Chu Ga Yeoul, President and Chairman of member societies in Japan and Korea, JASRAC and KOMCA.

Gadi Oron presented CISAC’s recent campaigns and the Confederation’s priorities in Japan which include:

  • improving the current private copying levy regime in Japan
  • gaining the Japanese Government’s support on the introduction of the resale right in Japan and internationally at WIPO level;
  • strengthening the copyright of audiovisual creators to grant them an unwaivable right to remuneration.

KOMCA’s chairman, Chu Ga Yeoul, asked the support of the Commissioner for the introduction of a private copying levy regime in Korea.

Pictured above:

Ms. SUKO Manami, Managing Director, JASRAC

Mr. CHU Ga Yeoul, Chairman, KOMCA

Mr. TOKURA Shunichi, Commissioner for Cultural Affairs, Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan

Mr. Gadi ORON, Director General, CISAC

Mr. IZAWA Kazumasa, President, JASRAC

Mr. Benjamin NG, Regional Director for Asia-Pacific