CISAC President Björn Ulvaeus addresses UNESCO’s Global Forum on Ethical AI

Björn Ulvaeus adresses UNESCO Global Forum on AI

CISAC President Björn Ulvaeus has addressed ministers and ambassadors at UNESCO’s Global Forum on the Ethics of AI, setting out key principles that should guide governments in drafting laws for the ethical use of AI.

He called on the global community to ensure that the governance of AI technologies prioritises human creativity, ethical principles, and cultural sustainability.

Citing CISAC’s open letter to Policymakers on AI, Ulvaeus said the evolution of AI, and the debate on how to harness it for the good of culture and society, is at critical moment.

“I believe AI can fundamentally enhance our human world. It can create great art, enrich culture, generate new jobs. But there are hazards too. Our first challenge is to make sure AI serves and enhances the work of the human creator, rather than replacing and supressing it. It all comes down to decisions that are made in discussions that are going on around world right now.”

UNESCO’s Global Forum on the Ethics of AI brought together global decision-makers, industry experts and stakeholders, amongst others, and provided a pivotal platform for discussions on AI governance. The two-day event facilitated a rich exchange of insights and practices on AI governance and how to harness opportunities AI presents while addressing the challenges it poses.

The recording of the event can viewed here.
Björn Ulvaeus’s speech can viewed from timeline 9:48:22 of the recording.

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