CISAC presents 2019 IMC Music Rights Award at World Forum on Music in Paris

201910 IMC World Forum on Music - Benjamin Fayolle - 1070099
CISAC Repertoires & Creators Relations Director Silvina Munich delivers the IMC Music Rights Award to Scoil Úna Naofa Violin and Orchestra Project. 

Award jury chair and CISAC Repertoires & Creators Relations Director Silvina Munich presented the 2019 International Music Council (IMC) Music Rights Award during the World Forum on Music on September 28th in Paris. The IMC Music Rights Award recognises programmes or projects that support the Five Music Rights of IMC. 

The 2019 award was given to Scoil Úna Naofa Violin and Orchestra Project. The project has given disenfranchised students, teenagers and their parents in the community the opportunity to receive free instrument tuition, music theory and participation in ensembles. 

Munich said: “Learning to play and listening to music let children dream of better futures. Music was the social elevator to lift them out to better days...Simply playing music together fosters exchange among generations”. 

CISAC was a partner of the 6th World Forum on Music. The Confederation and IMC have cooperated together over time and share common values, particularly the 5th music right “to obtain just recognition and fair remuneration for their work”.