CISAC Director General Gadi Oron named on Billboard’s 2024 International Power Players List

headshot Gadi Oron_copr-Eilon Paz
Gadi Oron, CISAC Director General.

Gadi Oron, CISAC’s Director General, has been named on Billboard’s 2024 International Power Players List, recognising his tireless work  serving the global network of authors societies and protecting the livelihoods of creators.

CISAC is the global voice of the collective management community, with 226 CMOs representing more than 5 million creators worldwide. Guiding the complex and diverse CISAC network, Oron has successfully led  projects to improve the global digital data exchanges, lobby for creators’ interests around the world and maximise songwriter and publishers’ revenues.

Explaining the 2024 nominations, Billboard says:  “A flood of new content and the advent of AI are making CISAC more important than ever. One of Oron’s big 2023 wins was continuing to modernize and increase the adoption of the International Standard Musical Work Code system, which identifies compositions to help royalties flow smoothly. “In our technology work, we support increasing demands for speed and accuracy in data exchanges,” Oron says.

“CISAC also plays a leading role in shaping AI regulation worldwide, including lobbying for the European Union AI Act that passed in March. “We see ourselves,” Oron says, “as the guardian of human creators and human creativity.”
Five other leaders of the collective management community were also named on the list: Andrea Martin (CEO PRS for Music), Casper Bjørner (CEO, STIM), Cristina Perpiñá-Robert (CEO, SGAE), Tobias Hozmüller (CEO, GEMA) and Cécile Rap-Veber (CEO, SACEM).

Billboard’ international power player’s list celebrates “executives who are driving success outside the United States and  have contributed to a ninth consecutive year of growth for the global recorded-music business.”

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