CISAC backs WIPO for Creators at the launch of CLIP (Creators Learn Intellectual Property)

Bjorn Ulvaeus at WIPOforCreators_CLIP Launch

CISAC President Björn Ulvaeus took the stage to support the launch of WIPO for Creators’ new educational online platform created to help creators and performers better understand their intellectual property rights.

The platform, called CLIP (Creators Learn Intellectual Property), was announced on November 17th at the WIPO headquarters in Geneva.

CISAC has been closely involved in the project from the outset, and was one of its advisory committee members. This support will continue in order to maximise its benefits to member societies and ensure it becomes a useful educational tool for creators worldwide.

The learning platform will be “filled with curated content from experienced musicians and mentors that will help creators make better business choices”.

Björn Ulvaeus spoke of the critical role of copyright knowledge in empowering creators to navigate the dynamic landscape of the creative economy.

He expressed optimism about CLIP's potential, urging for continuous updates and user input to ensure its adaptability to evolving trends. With the advent of technologies like Artificial Intelligence and the ongoing discussions about new copyright rules globally, he envisioned CLIP as a dynamic tool offering inspiration and knowledge.

CLIP, will be rolled out in six different languages by early 2024, ensuring creators worldwide benefit from the educational tool.

The webcast of the CLIP launch can be viewed here.