Buyouts, resale right, and AV remuneration right on Latin America and Caribbean Committee agenda in Brazil

2023 CLC meeting in Brazil

The CISAC Regional Latin American and Caribbean Committee (CLC) meeting brought together over 100 representatives of authors’ societies and observers from the United States and Europe in Rio de Janeiro on April 26 and 27.

CISAC Director General Gadi Oron outlined CISAC’s priority workstreams to help drive collections growth and deliver business services to the Confederation’s members, particularly in the context of the challenges of the digital market. CISAC Regional Director Rafael Fariñas highlighted drew attention to digital rights growth in the region, now accounting for more than 35% of total collections across Latin America and the Caribbean. In Mexico, digital represents more than 60% of collections.

New CLC President Alexis Buenseñor
New CLC President Alexis Buenseñor with CISAC Regional Director Rafael Fariñas and CISAC Director General Gadi Oron

Specialists from Brazil, Peru and Uruguay discussed a regional campaign on buyouts, supported by testimonies from the authors Geraldo Vianna (Brazil), Carlos Lara (Mexico), and Magdalena Matthey (Chile). The campaign helps creators who are faced by demands to surrender their rights when negotiating the use of their works by streaming services and broadcasters. The campaign will continue through 2023 with additional testimonials from Latin American creators and events across the region.

The CLC approved a resolution supporting bills on the resale right in Argentina and Chile, promoted by SAVA and CREAIMAGEN. This right guarantees a royalty to visual artists when their works are resold by an auction house or gallery, above a certain price. The committee also approved a resolution, brought forward by DBCA and GEDAR, on the remuneration right for audiovisual authors in Brazil. A remuneration right provision is included in a draft Law on Freedom, Responsibility and Transparency on the Internet currently under discussion at the National Congress of Brazil.

The regional committee elected its new Board of Directors, chaired by Alexis Buenseñor (AGADU). Its members include Roberto Mello (ABRAMUS), Jorge Estrada (AEI-Guatemala), Armando Masse (APDAYC), Miguel Angel Diani (ARGENTORES), Rafael Manjarres (SAYCO), Victor Yunes (SADAIC), Rodrigo Osorio (SCD), Elizabeth Ambriz (SOMAAP), Juan Fernado Velasco (SAYCE), and Geraldo Vianna (UBC).

EACD Executive Director Isabel Amorim
EACD Executive Director Isabel Amorim