CISAC President and DG meet Greek Prime Minister on AI and creators' rights

CISAC President and DG visit Greek Prime Minister_20231010_copr AUTODIA

CISAC continues to engage policy makers at the very highest level to bring home the urgency of protecting creators in the looming age of Artificial Intelligence. CISAC President Björn Ulvaeus and Director General Gadi Oron met with the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on 10th October to discuss the measures legislators need to take to address the rapid expansion of AI and its impact on music and audiovisual creators.

CISAC’s President, a champion both in the use of AI in composition and songwriting, and in the campaign to safeguard the rights of human creators, welcomed the Greek government’s commitment to taking a lead role in the EU in addressing AI. 

CISAC also discussed the longstanding work to revive the Greek collective management sector and thanked the government for its support in stabilising a previously failing market. CISAC has worked in a successful five-year collaboration with Greek society AUTODIA to turn around the collective management system in Greece and deliver royalties to Greek and international creators. The programme helped AUTODIA to report a 75% increase in collections in 2022 to €17.1 million

The meeting was also attended by the Deputy Minister of Culture Christos Dimas, the Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister Thanasis Kontogeorgis, the composer Foivos Tasopoulos and the professor of intellectual property Irini Stamatoudi.

Björn Ulvaeus paid a visit to CISAC member society AUTODIA and met with CEO Margarita Panagiotopoulou and some acclaimed Greek creators who are members of the society. These included Yiannis Glezos and Ilias Filippou, Board Chairman and  Vice-Chairman, Foivos Tassopoulos, Board member, Michalis Stavrinoudakis, Supervisory Body Chairman, Dimitris Papadimitriou, Thanos Papanikolaou and Irina Loukatou (publisher), Supervisory Body Vice-Chairman.

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